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Who we are

Sanja and Dejan are not only good dancers but excellent instructors and choreographers living in Nis, Serbia. They travel, instruct and perform all around Europe.

Dejan is a dancer with great skills and he has an amazing ability to lead as well as great range of moves and combinations. Sanja, on the other hand, is a great follower who has exquisite precision, elegance and fluidity on the dance floor.

Together they are the dancers who are pushing the boundaries and trying to take salsa to a completely new level.

What we do

No matter if you are a salsero/a, bachatero/a, kizombero/a, tanguero/a, we have everything you need
to polish your dance skills. Choose whatever suits your style and passion, we have it all!


Workshops at festivals are a great way to improve your dance technique, learn some new movements, have fun and meet new people. You can learn a lot, but learning (i.e. picking up moves and technique) in a group with a lot of people can be a bit difficult for some.

That’s why teaching methodology is very important to us, so fun and enjoyable learning combined with methodical and pedagogical techniques that facilitate the learning process is something that we strive to achieve in all our classes and workshops.

And yes, we do a variety of dance styles, so you can get a little bit (or a lot) of everything or master one dance style only….the choice is all yours!

We do
  • Salsa
  • Bachata & Bachatango
  • Kizomba
  • Argentine Tango
  • Urban Heels Dance
  • Ballroom & Latin Dances


For us, a show is a beautiful story waiting to be told…It has to have a beginning, a middle and an end, a theme and emotion that guide us through music. A story that is told using movements and different dance styles. Our shows are mostly fusions of variety of dance styles….we use those styles as a means of depicting the story plot, depending on the emotion that the music evokes. We tend to use all kinds of music, not just traditional salsa and bachata songs….as it is known that dancing is a universal language.

Our unique style is derived from rich Latin and Ballroom background and a variety of dance events (competitions, TV shows, dance festivals, dance projects, etc.). We are trying to mix two dance styles - Latin/Ballroom (DanceSport) and social dances, and to use the best of both worlds so that we can create an art form of our own.

Private classes

Private classes are the most effective way to take your dancing to the next level, learn a new dance style/genre or begin dancing for the first time. They are designed to give you a personalized attention tailored to suit your dance goals and receive the best education and tips in technique, movement, steps and performance.

Whether your motivation is to shine on the dance floor like a dance star, improve your dance technique or even enter the world of dancing for the first time, a little dance instruction with lessons adapted to your individual needs will bring you that much closer to making your dreams a rock 'n' rolling reality!

The lessons are 60 min 


You have passion, you have the moves, but you don’t have a way of expressing it and putting it all together…we can help you to make your dancing an artistic master piece, enjoyable not only for yourself but for the audience and possibly judges, too. Making a choreography is a difficult process of inventing moves, editing and practicing routines in order to arrange all the dance moves into one meaningful dance piece which will be emotionally suitable for a dancer and the type of music according to the principles of creating a choreography as well as dance scene principles.

A wide variety of styles that we dance makes us suitable for living up to any choreography challenge. We tend to personalize any movement, making the dancer’s own personality shine through focusing on each dancer’s unique performance, but we also want to get the maximum out of the dancer’s performance while showing the best in the dancer depicting the artistic feel of the dance itself.

No matter if you dance solo, couple or a group/formation, we will help you to achieve your goals and blow the audience and judges away.

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